20171215 Web Report

Mini Christmas ornaments … source: Not on the High Street

‘Tis the Season …

… to be busy. There will be no Web Report published next week as I will not have the time to put it together. It will return the following week on December 29th. There are a couple of bonus jigsaws below to keep you occupied until then.

I wish you all a Happy Christmas, or whatever else you might be celebrating at this time. “Ho, Ho, Ho” or “Bah, Humbug” as the mood takes you.

A special festive call out to Darrell MacDonald who has so kindly gifted me the elusive parts to repair a broken front quarterlight hinge on my 1958 Austin A95 Westminster.

Website Housekeeping

The Events Page for the first third of 2018 has been set up … please contact Tony Fox with any corrections, submissions and additions.

Upcoming Events At A Glance


Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Ford Zephyr vs. Vauxhall Cresta vs. Austin A90 vs. Humber Super Snipe and Wolseley 6/80 puzzle from my site Grey Brits … Enjoy!

preview70 piece

A bonus pair of puzzles based on pictures of a 1930s Invicta that Dave Creer photographed at the Goodwood Auto Revival in 2013 and submitted to me for the jigsaw treatment …

Full car … Online jigsaw target time 5:38 … detail … Online jigsaw target time 6:03

preview72 piece

preview70 piece

Finds and For Sale

This is gathered, primarily, from our Facebook site
Submissions are accepted, but preferably on a sale site I can link to.


Stuff for Sale
What we found recently … 1953 Sunbeam Talbot, 1954 Morris Minor Convertible, 1962 Austin Mini Countryman, 1959 Land Rover SIIA 109 project, 1954 Austin A40 Somerset project, 1951 Vauxhall Envoy project, 1965 MG 1100, 1956 MG Magnette ZA, 1968 Reliant Regal, 1967 Bentley T1, 1968 Ford Cortina, 1967 Austin 1100 Countryman (for parts?)



Bonus “Christmas Bells” Wayback