1965 Hillman Super Minx Estate

1965 Hillman Super Minx Estate … Brampton, ON
[ http://www.ebay.com/itm/131985990180 ]


“Many of you are aware of the entertaining journey of the Hillman Super Minx Estate that has circulated between a few of our club members. Since I finally started the resurrection, it’s been traded back and forth between myself and another club member, a few times. I recently bought it back for the third time as it’s other “enthusiast” had, like so many of us, medical issues and wanted to part with his projects. I bought it back as a favour but hope sprang eternal and I forgot why I sold it! I’m old and my brain writes cheques my body can’t cash. So, here it is for the final time, my final time that is. It’s listed with no reserve and the minimum starting price. It’s come a long way in the last two years so please, somebody take it that last little bit. Hey, maybe I’ll buy it back! Come have a look and take it around the block” – [From Jim Addario via BritCarTalk – BSCCoC on Yahoo Groups]


  • rock solid example of a very rare wagon
  • engine is in excellent condition and runs well after a recent full tune-up including plugs, points, condenser, distributor cap and wires.
  • fuel tank has been removed, cleaned, relined and repainted.
  • all new fuel lines and a carburetor rebuilt.
  • brakes were fully serviced with new wheel cylinders and new shoes in the back and new rotors and calipers in the front.
  • brake master cylinder was rebuilt.
  • tires were replaced and the wheels were repainted.
  • drive shaft was recently refurbished with new universal joints, transmission end-stock seal and yoke and rear end seal.
  • hydraulic clutch system was rebuilt with a new clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder.



  • Mostly, the car needs paint and a bit of bodywork, the paint is original
  • exhaust leaks badly but a complete NOS exhaust system comes with the car
  • It needs an emergency brake handle and some electrics need sorting but the headlights, etc, all work. Generator doesn’t and tail lights still need sorting out. Probably bulbs like the front. The interior dome light works when the door is opened!