20170917 British Car Day Report

A very HOT and successful BCD, with an excellent turnout. If you didn’t make it this year, there’s always the next (35th) one in September 2018. British Car Day.

Full results of the Participants’ Choice Awards are here. (.pdf file 385KB)


20170917-bcd-1954 Daimler - BOS
1954 Daimler Conquest owned by BSCCoC member Chris Young.
[image: John Griffith]

Some more pictures by John Griffith
See more in John’s post on our Facebook group.

20170917-bcd-1938 Morris 8 Tourer
1938 Morris 8 Tourer

20170917-bcd-1948 Bristol 400
1948 Bristol 400

20170917-bcd-1958 Morris Oxford Traveller
1958 Morris Oxford Traveller

20170917-bcd-1960 Jaguar Mark IX
1960 Jaguar Mark IX

Some pictures by Mike Bond
See more in Mike’s post on our Facebook group.

20170917-bcd-Land Rovers
Land Rovers



20170917-bcd-1958 Austin A95 Westminster
1958 Austin A95 Westminster
I’ve saved my favourite of Mike’s pictures for last … that’s my wife, Jan, and daughter, AJ, discussing practicalities with soon-to-be-ex owner John Griffith while I check out the driver’s seat. A deal was reached and Jane will be joining our family very soon.