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Jane Austin

2017-09-27 Jane Alan Jan

As many of you already know, I sold my 1959 Morris Minor 1000 van, Elsie, earlier this month as my decrepit left knee could not be trusted to control a clutch pedal and I’d barely managed to take her out more than 10 times this year. It was a wrench, but she’s gone to a good home which eased the pain.

Further easing my pain was a very brief search for a replacement meeting these stringent guidelines “must be a four-seater, and automatic, which means a bigger engine and thus a bigger car” which resulted in me taking delivery of John Griffith’s 1958 Austin A95 Westminster, Jane, on Wednesday.

She’s already a big favourite around town, and I’m meeting just as many strangers as I did with Elsie! The picture above was taken by John as the “Official Commemorative Image” of the handover … featuring Jane, me, and my long-suffering wife, Jan.

For those few of you that aren’t bored yet, here’s a period Road Test of a 1958 Austin A95 Westminster [.pdf file 646KB]

A95 Road Test Image

2007 Blue Train Challenge


There was a surprise ending to the Endurance Rally Association’s inaugural Blue Train Challenge when the leading car failed at the last stage and gave the win to Richard and Tom Jeffcoate in the 1938 – Riley 16/4 Special

Read the report at Vintage Roadcar [https://vintageracecar.com/riley-164-wins-eras-inaugural-blue-train-challenge/]

Read all about the event at The Endurance Rally Association [http://www.endurorally.com/pages/blue-train-rally-2017]

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Online Jigsaw Puzzle

1972 Reliant Scimitar GTE puzzle from my site Grey Brits … Enjoy!

preview72 piece

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The English Ford line in 1959 | Source: Facebook