20180128 Morris Marina post-piano

1980 Morris Marina 1700HL in Birmingham, UK … www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202203630634

1980 Morris Marina Piano

The Marina that found instant fame after Jeremy Clarkson dropped a piano on it from a great height is available for completion of the restoration … according to the seller, the heavy lifting has been done.

1980 Morris Marina

from the eBay ad:

Here I am selling my totally unique 1980 Morris Marina 1700HL in Factory Black.
It has an extensive history and is very well known in the Marina’s owners club, was a feature last year following an incident.
So, this was the only factory black HL Marina ordered in 1980 due to cost. It had an extensive rebuild in 2008 (see pics)
Then in 2015 Amazon sourced a Marina for the Clarkson Hammond and May live exhibition in 2015, see what happened in the video:

The car was then bought by Mr Rommel himself (Steve Biggs) see video:

I then bought the Marina with the intention of taking to shows with the piano on it. When it arrived it was just so good, I had to repair it. The floors are as new as is the chassis and all under bonnet. The car drives mint.
So I bought another car with good roof and set about unpicking all the factory welds off both cars, A post’s B post’s and rear pilllars. Car was jigged to ensure alignment and the new roof was fully welded back on (better than factory).
The body was prepped and painted by Jay (Afghani) Yanni’s mate if you watch TV.
Sadly in 2015 my health took bad and the car still sits in my garage gathering dust. It is just crying out to be be put back together and a decent weekend for a DIYer will have it done.
It requires the lights, bumpers, full interior and front and rear screens put back in. I bought new screen rubbers and inserts ready. It comes with every nut and bolt to put back together and a vast amount of new and used spares.
The Marina when completed is pretty much priceless with the history and no doubts the 3 stooges will die to get their hands on it again.
Viewing recommended and welcomed.
Cash on collection.