20180209 Web Report

1938 Rover 16 P2 dashboard source: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122802509442

President’s Message

Hi Everybody, OK, I’m fighting the ‘flu at the moment, so don’t stand too close to the screen when you read this email or you might catch it! Deadline date for the next Oily Rag is next week, 16 Feb, so please send your articles to me, or to Ryan as soon as possible. And remember, … [more]

London Classic Car Show

Oh to be in England for this show: 15-18 Feb 2018, Excel London in the Capital’s Docklands area

Here’s a taste of what will be there for those of us that can’t be:
1963 twin-engined Mini four-wheel drive prototype
2005 replica if the lost original 1947 ‘Centre Steer’ Land-Rover
Retro build Ford Escort Mk1 2000E – a car that never was but might have been

space 20180209-LCCS-a 20180209-LCCS-b 20180209-LCCS-c

“Now in its fourth year, London Classic Car Show has established itself as one of the UK’s best classic car events right in the accessible heart of the country’s capital. Experience over 700 classic cars in London this February.”

Austin 1800 & Sprite Caravan


For $520 you could probably buy a tatty full size Landcrab but not a caravan too.
Clifford Toys No 323 Austin 1800 & Sprite Caravan In Original Box – Nr Mint … £295.95 in Bridgend, UK … https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/391975533652

Upcoming Events At A Glance


Online Jigsaw Puzzle

Four Morrises and an Austin puzzle from my site Grey Brits … Enjoy!

preview70 piece

source: photo by Andrew Biltcliffe – Facebook – Morris Minor Owners

Finds and For Sale

This is gathered, primarily, from our Facebook site
Submissions are accepted, but preferably on a sale site I can link to.


Stuff for Sale
What we found recently … 1951 Triumph Renown, 1962 Jaguar Mark 2, 1954 Swallow Doretti, 1975 Jensen Interceptor Mark III project, 1958 Austin Gipsy project, 1965 Land Rover Series IIA 109


20180209 -wayback

Images from the Riley Instruction Book for the 1½ Litre Model