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Ford Escort mark1 grille

1952 Triumph Mayflower

I get email: From: Miki Toguri <kmtoguri@gmail.com>

I have a 52 Mayflower that i am interested in selling .
It is in good working order- I have changed the motor and engine in order to drive it on the major roads. Do you think you have some members that would be interested

20180216-1952 Triumph Mayflower

I have asked for a better picture and more information, but I haven’t heard back yet.

Update 18 February 2018 … reply to my request:

“The Mayflower is :
-a 1952 Triumph “Mayflower” coach
-ivory coloured 2-door coach
-the motor is a Chevette automatic transmission
I had the car changed from right to left steering in year 2000 — also the other changes were made at that time
In 2010 I had an appraisal done and had the chrome all refinished
I would like to get $7000.00 Ca”

1952 Triumph Mayflowerf

The images are enlarged 50% from the pictures I received. OK, not one for the purists, but someone may be interested in a resto-mod.

Ford Escort

It is 50 years since the first Ford Escort, which was once the world’s best-selling car, was produced in Halewood, Merseyside. source: BBC

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1949 Jaguar Mark IV Sports Saloon puzzle from my site Grey Brits … Enjoy!

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