20160726 Dinosaur Classics

Tip o’ the Hat to Jim Colburne for the link to the Daily Mail’s story about cars from the 70s and 80s that are at threat of extinction in the UK.


Morris Ital - 35 left
Morris Ital – 35 left
Austin Maxi - 140 left
Austin Maxi – 140 left
Austin Allegro - 170 left
Austin Allegro – 170 left

There’s a bonus report of the Festival of the Unexceptional to underline the story.

Unexceptional trophies
Unexceptional trophies

I wonder how many, if any, of these models are still on the road in Canada … if you own one of these “dinosaurs” or know of one, please let me know with pictures and stories if possible at webmaster@bsccoc.org. Fame, if not fortune, awaits you.