20161028 Web Report


1969 Jensen Interceptor … SOURCE : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252601083618

BSCCoC 2017 Calendar

BSCCoC Calendar 2017
The 2017 Club Calendar is available … contains many more pictures than months!

Offline Communication

Chris O’Hara has the following for sale:

  • A30 motor & transmission, running when removed;
  • 1978 Austin Marina; good condition, not rusted out, under 60,000 kms.

Not looking for much for either. Just need new homes for them.
Please call Chris O’Hara at 705 385 3933 or 705 646 3933 if interested.

Riding Toys Auction

About 500 items from Carl Jolley’s Riding Toy Museum are going up for auction […] This Austin J40 Pedal Car is my pick of the auction; currently at $600. [read more here]

Event Reports:

If anyone has pictures from a recent event, I’d love to publish them here.
Anyone? … Anyone?

Online Jigsaw Puzzle

Modern-day “period” suburban UK puzzle from my site Grey Brits … Enjoy!

preview72 piece

Finds and For Sale

This is gathered, primarily, from our Facebook site
Submissions are accepted, but preferably on a sale site I can link to.

space 20161022-found-bentleyr 20161022-found-jaguarmk2 20161022-found-rr76ss 20161022-found-rr66ss 20161022-found-rr39wraith

Stuff for Sale (a)

Julian Howard went on a luxury car binge, and these are what he found … 1954 Bentley R-type, 1967 Jaguar Mk 2, 1976 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, 1966 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, 1939 Rolls Royce Wraith

space 20161028-found-rover2000 20161028-found-jensengt 20161028-found-america 20161028-found-xjsc 20161028-found-commer 20161028-found-somerset 20161028-found-marina

Stuff for Sale (b)

What we found this week … 1969 Rover 2000, 1976 Jensen GT, 1969 Austin America, 1987 Jaguar XJ-SC, 1950 Commer Express Delivery, 1953 Austin A40 Somerset DHC, 1974 Austin Marina



1953 Wolseley Ad … hat-tip to Calin Stet in Grey Brits