New Premises

New Premises
New Premises

Welcome to the new BSCCoC website. We’ve just moved in so there may be a few things still in boxes waiting to be unpacked. I’ve brought across a lot of the standard information from the old site, but some of is it still being checked for correctness.

The structure is slightly different, as I’ve added a few pages and split some pages into multiple new pages … the intention is to make the download as small as possible, with only requested images being downloaded. Those of you on dial-up will understand this!

An example of this “leaning down” is the Events page on the old site, which has 22 event posters that load every time you want to check out the list … on the new site, I have the event list on its own page, with a separate page briefly describing the events that have posters and linking to the individual poster that is required. Give it a test drive!

To make the changes as painless as possible, I’ve kept the content of the Web Report as it has been for a long time, though there are a few bells and whistles that should make the scrolling less tedious.

I brought across the President’s Message and the Woodstock Victoria Day Parade report for you to get a feel for how things work. Access them from the menu bar above …
> Organisation > President’s Messages
> Events > Event Reports

The old site is still available as an archive … click the Legacy Site tab on the menu bar above to access it.

Let me know how you get on, and keep the feedback and submissions coming!