Who We Are

The British Saloon Car Club of Canada is dedicated to keeping British saloons on the road. We were formed in 1994 to help owners of the less common British cars find like-minded people, for friendship, advice, buying and selling of cars and parts, etc. We now have members all over the world

We meet, we drive, we fix, we enjoy!

Members all get our news letter, the Oily Rag. In it are stories of people, their cars and the events they attend. The Oily Rag comes out four times a year in February, April, July, and October

  • Parts to buy and sell.
  • Cars to buy and sell in our Raiders of the Lost Wreck.
  • Technical tips with our Marque Coordinators.
  • And our own Mini Matters section.

PDF subscribers get theirs with a simple download. We can send your Oily Rag via the Post Office if you’d like, but we can save trees (and postage) if we keep everything online.

Check out our teaser issue

(You will need a Adobe Acrobat reader for this 2.5 MB file)

We get together online.

Here more timely issues, from tech help to events, can be discussed.

The Yahoo BritCarTalk group is for all, as is this Facebook group.